At Gallaghers Farm Market we buy our produce when in season from the best growers in Ontario.  Here are a few pics of the growers and their fields.

David and his sons on his farm Davids potato crop for 2008
Henrys awesome sweet corn Henry's corn chilling process
Martin's beautiful tomato crop all staked up 2008 Dan Tichelaar in his strawberry patch in August 2008 in           St. Catharines, Ontario
Jim & Karol Williams are proud of their apple orchards right here in Fonthill, Ontario  May 11th 2009 Karol is busy checking out all of her apple blossoms during the month of May 2009
Terry is going through Bob's farm to pick up his fresh cut trees Bob's Balsam fir christmas trees are pruned and ready to cut
Bob's lot of Fraser fir trees ready for cutting Bob's lot of pine trees ready to cut