Gallagher's Employees

The following pictures are of our fabulous employees throughout the last few years

Pat November 2008 Katelyn November 2008
Brooklyn serving  a customer 2008 Lindsay is always smiles in 2008
Sara & Carly Xmas 2007 Karlee Z Xmas 2007
Brittney & Karlee Z  2007 Karlee Z & Tanya 2007
Carly & Jessica 2007 Marcel at Welland Market 2007
Marcel's wife Dee at Welland Market 2007 Carline & Rachel 2006
Sara & Kevin 2006 Mia with a fresh creamed pie in 2006
We will always remember our friend Theresa Jessica B a little shocked in 2005
Lauren is bagging some local fresh sweet corn in 2008 Helen is hard at it.  Worked for Gallagher's from 1976-2005