All of our Christmas trees are fresh cut and they are premium trees.  We pick up the trees as needed.  Our grower cuts a load of trees as needed.  Therefore our customers always get a fresh tree.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers which come back year after year.  Not only do we take great pride in the trees we sell, but our supplier takes great pride also.  Every year for the past 13 years our sales have increased at least 10% each year. If you aren't looking for a fresh cut tree we also supply potted trees ranging from 3 to 4 feet.  Varieties available for potted trees are, white spruce, blue spruce, green colorado, balsam fir, concolor and the #1 tree the fraser fir.  Varieties available in cut trees are the same as potted, but we also have douglas fir and canaan fir available.
The Wickes family from Hanover, Ont. The boys down the road carry their tree all the way home!!!
Sara & Carly are putting this beautiful 15' concolor Fir Tree on their vehicle Karlee Z is about to sell a beautiful fraser fir tree to a couple
Terry and David just finished unloading the trees See at Gallaghers even our neighbours like to help. Thanks Harry
Every year Doug comes in for his 14-18' fresh cut fir tree Sara enjoys selling these beautiful trees
Another happy couple with their Fraser Fir This is a normal site on the weekends during the month of December
Our grower Paul just brought in another fresh load Dec.10th Our great customers keep coming and we keep selling the trees to them
Lauren & Karlee love this time of the year!!! A big full wide  White Spruce on its way out
Even Santa looks for a tree here!! Front of store with 1st load of trees Nov.25
Beautiful snow day on Dec.6th 2008 Next load of cars on Dec 8th are here to purchase their fresh cut trees